Get own seat number via C API

Hi all,

is there any way to get the own seat number of an anchor via C API?

The “la” command includes the own seat number as the last entry with sees=0 and rssi=-127 but the API function dwm_anchor_list_get() does not include this entry.

Example: 5 Anchors, UART connected to Anchor 0x8732

  1. Output of “la” command:
    AN: cnt=5 seq=x0B
  1. id=DECA4C54D4C302AC seat=2 seens=185 rssi=-79 cl=0000018E nbr=00000000 pos=2.80:1.66:1.00
  2. id=DECA63160B334BA8 seat=3 seens=185 rssi=-80 cl=0000018E nbr=00000000 pos=0.30:0.00:0.62
  3. id=DECAB8AC1720902C seat=7 seens=192 rssi=-78 cl=0000018E nbr=00000000 pos=2.80:1.67:1.00
  4. id=DECA09F316051087 seat=8 seens=188 rssi=-79 cl=0000018E nbr=00000000 pos=0.00:3.70:0.30
  5. id=DECA4015DD308732 seat=1 seens=0 rssi=-127 cl=0000018E nbr=0000018E pos=1.60:2.50:1.00
  1. Output of dwm_anchor_list_get():
  2. id=0x02AC pos=[2800,1660,1000] rssi=-79 seat=2 neighbor=0
  3. id=0x4BA8 pos=[300,0,620] rssi=-80 seat=3 neighbor=0
  4. id=0x902C pos=[2800,1670,1000] rssi=-78 seat=7 neighbor=0
  5. id=0x1087 pos=[0,3700,300] rssi=-79 seat=8 neighbor=0

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany!

Hi @markus
indeed this seems to be missing there. However there is no workaround for this.