Get anchor positions from tag

When I use UART to run “les” command I can get the anchor positions and distances to them. I want to get the same data over BLE using an Android app. Is CHARACTERISTIC_PROXY_POSITIONS the right characteristic? But when I try reading it I always get 0 length. I can read other characteristics like CHARACTERISTIC_ANCHOR_LIST without problem. Please advise on the correct method to do this.


The CHARACTERISTIC_PROXY_POSITIONS characteristic is used for listener node to notify the positions of nearby tags, i.e. if the node you are connecting to is a listener (UWB mode set to passive), then you can read the position of the nearby Tags through this CHARACTERISTIC_PROXY_POSITIONS.


Thanks for the explanation of CHARACTERISTIC_PROXY_POSITIONS. Do you know which characteristic can be used to read anchor positions? The data is in the tag since it can be read over UART.

I think the host needs to connect to the the specific anchor and poll the location info of it through location_data characteristic. This info shouldn’t change once the network is setup, so this connect-poll operation only need to happen once after the initialization.

Thanks a lot for your help!