Get access to DW1000 registers from DWM1001


I’m wondering how it could be possible to get access to the registers of the DW1000 with Uart from DWM1001. I would like to access to FP_AMPL1, RXPACC and other DW1000 registers to say if the channel between two DWM1001 is line-of-sight or not (Position/distance is not interesting for us).

Any “easy” way to do get access to those registers? (I’m a beginner in this field)

Thank you,

Hi @Yacine
the DWM1001C comes blank (with no SW inside). The DWM1001C is MCU and DW1000 inside of one module. If you are looking for just a radio with SPI interface go for DWM1000 module.

Basically you have three options:

  1. Use PANS firmware (DWM1001C only, RTLS system, works out of box, no access to registers)
  2. Write your own solution based on Qorvo examples
  3. Look after some opensource solutions. With bit of digging I believe that you will find some.



As you mentioned, I found a Decawave exemple and several opensource solutions. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: