Generating ASCII output .qraw file


I wish to run QSPICE from a command line prompt (taking in a .qsch) and have the output .qraw as an ASCII file rather than the default binary.

Whilst I am able to do this with a netlist (.cir) as the input (which works great), I would prefer to have the command line input take a .qsch. I’ve looked through the help files, and online, but none of the command line options (SPICE directive/schematic options) are giving me ASCII outputs.

Hopefully, this is possible, I know this feature is available for LTSpice, and from reading the QSPICE documentation it looks like it is just an issue with my understanding of its implementation. Thanks in advance for your help,


my understanding is that command line can only work with following for .qsch

  1. use QUX -Netlist to convert .qsch to .cir
  2. use Qspice64 or Qspice80 - ascii to simulate .cir into .qraw in ascii

I don’t see a way that can directly simulate a .qsch into a .qraw. Must separate into two command line.