General calculation for number of nodes requireed

I am new to Decawave technology.
I had been previously looking at precision GPS, but am having a look at Devawave technology.
The application is for a farm. I want to know how to calculate how many nodes are required in general to cover a particular area.
For example, we have a farm area, 500m x 1000m. How many tags/nodes/anchors will be required to locate anywhere inside this area to an accuracy of 10cm?


I would recommend you read Application notes available on Decawave’s website. The range between the nodes is determined by lots of factors both HW (antenna, PCB design) and configuration related (e.g. lower freq. channels have further propagation than the high freq channels).

The accuracy is the same, as long you have good LOS between tags and anchors. As long as the correct 1st path is being detected.

I would think you have to the modules all over the farm (like a grid, etc). which generally isn’t convenient. The range limitations means you’d have a lot to cover the area. There are better solutions for this problem.