Hi Everyone,

I need 50 Anchors and 1 tag for my application but in system performance description I read that the maximum Anchors supported is 16. Is that mean I cannot expand the system? it also says that for system expansion you need gateways. I do not know why we need and whether it is necessary? Anyone can help?

I suggest you read the DWM1001 system overview.
In there it is explained that at any time 16 anchors which can “hear” each other are allocated one out of the 16 seats available.
So a TAG could be at time “t” in a cluster with anchors 0-15 (16 Anchors), while at (t+1) in another cluster of 16 Anchors, but this time anchors 8-23 (anchors 0-7 can not be heard any longer), while at (t+2) anchors 15-30 (16 Anchors) etc…

But please read the system guide. That you can have many more anchors then 16 is well described in there.