Gateway solution without Raspberry Pi 3B?

Hi everyone,

I’m using the DWM1001c chip for a solution I have devised, and am using it for tags and anchors. I’m using the DWM1001c pretty much out of the box without any firmware changes.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3B for gateways with the MQTT protocol.

My concern is that the gateway uses a Raspberry Pi 3B and won’t work with any other Raspberry Pi version. Presently this version is in production until 2028 (according to their website), but beyond that we don’t know.

Do Qorvo have any plans or are they in a process of devising a gateway solution that uses more up to date versions?

My solution is heavily dependent on this gateway working out of the box, and would be a huge problem for me if the Raspberry Pi 3B went out of production.

Many thanks.



Hi @Sunny
the PAN2.0 is not in development anymore. But the RPI3B should be in the production till 2028.