Gateway on computer


I wonder how to implement gateway on a normal computer. I am hosting a large network and wonder if raspi will be cable of handling it.

Is there a source code for mqtt broker that I can use?
Can you let us know to to read position of all tags using serial port of gateway directly without raspi?
Any suggestion would be appriciate.

Hi, old post but in case you’re still searching for the answer or someone else does.

In summary there are two options “gateway” → raspi, or “listener” → anywhere

  • The reason a raspi 3B is needed to be used with the PANS firmware is that it is communicating with the DWM1001 module through SPI and needs to run in low latency, not even a 3B+ or others with different os load can handle that
  • If the raspi can handle a large network depends on the PANS protocol and the host latency
  • You do not need code of an MQTT broker as that should not be modified e.g. Mosquitto what you need is a client code that runs on PC and listens to all topics sent from the raspi gateway, that is possible and very easy but does not resolve the raspi as system bottleneck if that is your problem. Did you notice that the system stopped working after a given number of anchors ? What is the number where it stopped working and what is your target number to be supported.
  • If by a normal computer you mean an x86 PC then an SPI driver and program to interface the DWM1001 is not available but instead of a gateway that communicates in both directions you still can listen with a listener on usb/uart port, you can read tags positions directly without a raspi see “les” command from user manual

Now all of the above statements assume you’re only interested in unmodified PANS firmware, in case you’re writing your own positioning system then everything is possible. I’m currently writing a Python based positioning system that is os independent and relaxes the real time constraints so can be run even from a slow or long reaction time os as it is request response based.