FW Release 2 - Automatic Firmware Update Through UWB

Hello to all the UWB Developers,

I and my team are currently testing the Release 2 of the PANS, First I have to say that the improvement in the overall performance it’s very big compared with the Release 1.

But nevertheless we were unable to use the Automatic Firmware Update through UWB, we don’t get to know what is the problem, our test setup has the next features

  • Anchors Qty: 8

  • We have only One Initiator in the network

  • The BLE option is activated

  • The Initiator Firmware was updated through bluetooth

  • The 7 remaining anchors are running with the FW Release 1.0

  • The automatic FW update through UWB is activated

  • Do you need to do some special procedure to make this feature work?

We want to use this automatic FW update function to update a big system that is currently running with 200+ anchors, in order to get the upgrade fast as possible.

Thank you in advance.

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The firmware update over UWB will not work from R1 to R2. The main reason is because the UWB Mac layer was modified in the R2 and is not cross compatible with the R1.

In order to flash your R1 modules, you can do it either over SWD or over BLE.

The UWB OTA firmware update can be used to flash a device with a new R2 firmware + user application for example. (But the initial device would have to already run R2)