Full Address for Anchor

I’m trying to get the address (ID) of the anchor from the tag.

In the sample code, I see loc.anchors.dist.addr, and that works fine to give me output like 0x1d9f, but that’s only the last part of the ID. Really the full ID is 0xDECA1A3F49F51D9F. I’m guessing that 2 bytes isn’t enough to ensure a unique value across all tags, and would like the full ID.

How can I use the API to give me the full ID / address?


The current APIs only support 16-bit address of the anchors.

Thanks for the answer. I have three follow-up questions:

  1. How does 16 bits for the address ensure it is a unique identifier?

  2. How does the Android app show the entire address?

  3. Is there a way that doesn’t use the API to get the address on the host device?

Hi,James. I am trying to get the anchor ID from tag too, but I can only receive 0. I do not get the right way to hold the 16 bits anchor ID from tag,could you help me?