frequency range and peak gain of the UWB antenna (DWM1001 module)

I need the frequency range(min and max) and the peak gain of the UWB antenna (DWM1001 module).
I found all these information about the Bluetooth antenna but I also need the UWB antenna information.

This information is for Bluetooth antenna I need the same for UWB:

[size=large]Model No: AT3216-B2R7HAAT[/size]
[size=large]Type of antenna: Multilayer Chip Antenna[/size]
[size=large]Peak Gain: 0.5 dBi (XZ-V)[/size]
[size=large]Frequency: 2400 ~ 2500 (MHZ)[/size]

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

Here’s the same information for the UWB antenna on DWM1001.

[size=large]Model No: Decawave WB003[/size]
[size=large]Type of antenna: PCB Trace Monopole Antenna[/size]
[size=large]Peak Gain: 2.5 dBi[/size]
[size=large]Frequency: 5500 ~ 7500 (MHZ)[/size]

Thank you, these are all the information that I need :rolleyes:

could you please just let me know what is your source for this information?

This is data from Decawave.

Fair question NTA_XYZ. I’m an employee of the company and have updated my username to reflect this.