Free useful app for optimal anchor placement

Free and small but useful app which helps to define required number of TDoA / ToA anchors and to find the best way to arrange their placement throughout floor plan during preliminary stage of a project.

The core value is interactive picture of computed and colored distribution of GDOP (geometry dilution of precision) throughout the floorplan which shows in the visual descriptive way the expected XY precision of estimated coordinates.

The goal is to help developers and engineers to define the minimal number of anchors to meet project requirements as well as to show non-professional clients what problems with quality of radio-navigation coverage they will have if they will attempt to reduce this number.

Up for now app allows:

  • to draw walls arbitrary or on the background stencil image of a real floorplan,
  • to put desired number of anchors at arbitrary places,
  • to choose between TDoA and ToF methods,
  • to set maximum operating radius for anchors,
  • to get the GDOP distribution throughout the floorplan taking into account walls and anchor placement,
  • to remove areas with GDOP above particular level,
  • to get XY precision of positioning taking into account precision of raw measurements,
  • to save and to load previously saved floorplans and anchor placements,
  • to save resulting image with GDOP distribution.

Here one can find the app and couple of screenshots.

Please follow the steps pointed at HELP to get started.

This app is the very first step, so it is more or less awkward regarding GUI. But we are going to improve it on the basis of community’s feedback and ideas

Looking forward to hearing from professional community