Frame Filtering Reject Stops RX?

Hello! I made a test where I send a message to a device alternating between the right and the wrong answer. I have realized that when the receptor hears a message with the wrong address (and the FF rightfully rejects it) it sets the ARFE flag and stops the reception.

Is that the expected outcome? I had expected that it would just ignore the FFReject and keep going.

If so, what is the standard way to deal with this? I would hope that it’s not to add ARFE to the callbacks and deal with it by software on an interrupt. I would like a way for the dwm3000 to ignore it instead.
if I were to do it by software, the problem would be that the timeout time would not “carry over” between restarts of rx, and that would mess up my timings.

I have heard of a RXAUTR flag for “receiver auto-enable on error” but people on the forums seem to advise against it because of timestamp issues (And I hope to work with two-way ranging in the future, so that would be a problem). Also I can’t see any functions on the api to manage RXAUTR.

Yes, that is the expected outcome because the default value for RXAUTR is 0.

I’ve seen some remarks about RXAUTR but they seem circumscribed to the DW1000. Actually I haven’t experienced issues setting it with the DW3000.

The DW3000 Device Driver Version 04.00.00 has the function dwt_setdblrxbuffmode, I don’t know if that has been changed in newer versions.