Flashing full PANS library

"Please note that SES is only compiling and producing an image corresponding to FW2. If

the user wishes to flash the full PANS library on a blank DWM1001 device, then the

softdevice, bootloader and FW1 will have to be flashed before FW2 as per described in

section 4.1.

In order to simplify this task and generate a unique hex file, a batch script is provided in the

/utilities directory.

Open the generate_example_hex.bat file with a text editor and alter the following fields

depending on the project you are currently modifying and compiling.

SET example_name=“dwm-simple”

SET fw2_path="…\examples\dwm-simple\Output\linker\dwm


Save the file and execute the generate_example_hex file by double clicking on it.

A new image file combining the softdevice, bootloader, FW1 and customized FW2 will be



I’ve done all this without changing the names in “example_name” and “fw2_path” because the name and the path of the project is the same than in the example. I then flashed the resulting unique hex file through jlink and openend the project in Segger again. I haven’t seen any difference at all, should I see something different after flashing the full pans api with this process?


Guillem Balcells.