Flashing Eval-Setup Problem

Hello everybody.

I just got the DWM3000-EVB Arduino Shield.
As suggested by the available Software/API package, i bought a NUCLEO-F429 board with it, since all of the code is compiled for this board. And I also use the recommended System Workbench for STM32.

I now wanted to try the first simple example project, but i can’t flash the Nucleo board.

When i want to flash it, an Error occurs because the NUCLEO_F429.cfg file is missing.

In the provided PDF “Guide_for_building_API_Examples” there it says:
“Config for NUCLEO-F429ZI board with a single STM32F429ZITx chip generated by System
Workbench for STM32”

But I simple don’t have this file.

Am I missing something or doing something entirely wrong?
As far as I know, I am exactly following this Guide…

Best regards

Ok nevermind. I figured it out and now I can flash the Nucleo with the DWM3000-EVB on board.

But another question occured to me:

In the simple RX example, the info that data is received is given to the text_run_info function.
According to the comments, this function will write the data over the virtual Port.
So in theory, I should be able to see the data when I am using HTerm for example, am I right?

But this is not the case. There is absolutly no communication over the virtual COM Port.
Am I understanding something wrong?


Hi Michael ,

We were also facing the similar issue as NUCLEO_F429.cfg file is missing. Could you help us to find/create this file.


I figured it out, at least one way. (don´t know if this was meant to be like that)

When you do all the instructions from the Manual, you get to the point, that you can Build the project, but not flash it, because of the missing config-file.

But SystemWorkbench creates a config-file. it is just called something different. In the API folder, where all the folders with the source-codes are, there you will find a config-file after you build the project.
This file, you will have to rename to the desired name. But that´s not all. Know there are some other config-files missing, which should be for the stm32f4. For them to get, you need to download the “target” folder from this Git:

You can just place this folder in the API folder.

And after all that work, it should work to flash the Board.

I don´t know why this is so unnecessary complicated… (maybe I am just too dumb)

Hi Michael ,

Thank you,

Really, Very helpful your reply to find .cfg file.

We able to Run code .Now, we are getting some other Error
"Error: semihosting: exception 0x2002ffa0
semihosting: exception 0x2002ffb0
target halted due to breakpoint, current mode: Thread
xPSR: 0xa1070000 pc: 0x0800b5d4 msp: 0x2002ffb0, semihosting
semihosting: exception 0x2002ffc8
target halted due to breakpoint, current mode: Thread
xPSR: 0x21070000 pc: 0x0800b5d4 msp: 0x2002ffc8, semihosting "

We followed procedure clearly captured in following Documents(Link:MaxEye Quries.pdf - Google Drive).

Is there any Important things missed?


Hi @ThEMiKeZ , I did not use HTerm. But on my side I’m using Tera Term and it’s working.
You can give it a try if you still blocked.

Thank you for posting this, it helped me solve my issues as well. I wanted to add that, if somebody’s trying to make this work on Linux, you have to also edit the .cproject file and change the path “…\Debug” to “…/Debug/”, otherwise it will create the .elf and .bin files in another directory with a wrong name.

Also, at this date, when I tried to install the Embedded CDT plug-ins in System Workbench for STM32, I got some errors and I think it’s because SW uses an older version of Eclipse which doesn’t work with OpenOCD. So then the GDB OpenOCD Debugging option didn’t show in Debug Configurations. What I did was install the Eclipse for Embedded C/C++ development, which comes with the CDT plug-ins, and install the OpenSTM32 tools in Eclipse (check this post for more info).