First time integration of modules without devKit

Dear colleagues. We have already successfully set up the Development Kit and even created our own software for the tracking system. Now the task is to make tags smaller (to use in sport).
To do this we are thinking to order a bunch of dwm1004c as tags and dwm1001 as anchors to use with one devBoard as communication interface. The question is - to make this system work the same as a devKit (using Raspberry and android application) do we need to add anything to the modules except the power source and hire engineer to prepare and launch the system (will development of any custom circuit boards will be required for the modules)?

If you are using the DWM1001C PANS software this will not work. DWM1001C is a TWR system and the PANS code is built only for the Nordic MCU.

The DWM1004C is specifically designed for TDoA systems and the example code provided for that is a simple TDoA blink.

So you will need to continue with the DWM1001C and make a custom tag board for that.