Firmware Update UWB DWM1001: Update Source and Update Target

Hi, I have tried to update firmware in my network using UWB firmware update.
In my understanding, the process is:

  1. Ensure no anchor initiator in the network
  2. Put the new firmware to a device, say its device S (for source)
  3. Put the device S as an anchor-initiator, and turn the firmware update via UWB on
  4. Wait and let the device S sends its firmware to other nodes

I have tried this once to update from factory image DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex to a customized firmware, and it works.
However, I tried to do another update with the steps listed above. The outcome is instead I update the network, the network rolled back my device S to previous version of the firmware. Is there a way to ensure the firmware flow is going from source to target as Iā€™m intended?

Also, sometimes updating the firmware makes a tag turned into anchor and lose its label. Any idea why? I have made sure that I did not set the device as an anchor in the firmware code.

Hi @arama
your workflow is correct. But you need to take special care about the step 1. You need to be sure that there is no other initiator than the device with the new firmware!

I have no idea why the TN turned back to AN.


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