Firmware update procedure for custom boards

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What would be the normal procedure to follow if we are going to use a modified fw for DWM1001 in a custom board? Should I loaded in DWM1001-DEV board and then expect it to propagate to the custom board joined to the network? When 2 firmwares are found to be different, how can I be sure of which one propagates over the other one?
And finally, is there any visual indication in DWM1001-DEV board showing that the fw propagation is being made or that it has been completed ?


Hi YoHidden,

The initiator firmware will be the one to propagate through the network. All node belonging to a network should have the same firmware. If you wish they to perform slightly different task, then you can add it in the use space.

When performing firmware update, there is a distinctive LED sequence. Additional information about firmware update are also printed out on the UART.

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