Firmware Update over UWB

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We would like to know how the firmware is updated on DW1000 + MCU custom designs. Will DW1000 work in transperant (bridge mode)? The MCU we are using is compatible for firmware update over SPI.

Considering the capabilities of the chip, we don’t think another medium is required for FOTA, however we don’t find an example or app note for this. We see frame filtering options and want to know this will help in setting the DW1000 in transperant /bridge mode.
Appreciate any helpful inputs on this.

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I have an EVB (DW1000 with MCU), which I have been updating lots of times using the SPI and a described in the EVB ARM source code guide
I know OTA upgrade (bluetooth) can be done with the DWM1001/MDEK. This feature is part of the Nordic nRF52832 MCU and Software libraries for the OTA can be dowloaded from the Nordic website.



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Looking for answer to this;

  1. Whether FOTA is possible in DW1000+MCU design without any third-party connectivity?

  2. Any helpful example or app note on how to configure DW1000 in transperant/bridge mode.


As G states (4nodesmodule) , using the SPI a ST link can be used (in case of ST processor) or Segger J-Flash in case of a Nordic processor.
For OTA bluetooth can we used (or UWB) , but for none of them do we have examples. For OTA upgrade over bluetooth go to the NORDIC website for examples.

Will DW1000 work in transperant / bridge mode?

Not the DW1000, but yes for the appplication the DW1000 is used for can. eg. This is demonstrated when using MDEK (which is based on the DW1000).

See the system overview document attached.DWM1001_System_Overview.pdf.pdf (1.5 MB)

Okay. Will explore it. Thanks Leo.