Firmware update over BLE fail


We have depoloyed MDEK1001.

I was updating the anchors’ firmware over BLE and it failed.

Now the anchors are unresponsive over BLE and UWB is off - per DRTLS android app.

They are already mounted and not accessible.

Is there anything I can try before I go for before I start unmounting them?

How long does firmware update take over UWB?
I made a mistake by not updating the initiator first - when I got to updating the initiator FW1 succeeded and FW2 failed. Then I lost connection to it via BLE and now it’s showing “UWB off” in the app.

I suspect (hope) they are updating the firmware over UWB and that’s why they are not responding in the app via BLE.

Is it possible I broke the firmware?

Hi @Rass
the DRTLS app communicate only over BLE so if the module is unresponsive on BLE then the APP will just show you some default values.

You always need to update the Initiator first - that is the rule. However if you didn’t it should not end up that badly and there always has to be a way how to recover it.

If I recall it correctly then during UWB update it temporarily turn off the BLE to avoid some issues and during the BLE update it temporarily turn off the UWB. So normally it should finish and then revert back the previous setting.

So for now I would recommend to do a full reflash the ANI and see what happen then. The UWB firmware take a few minutes per device.

Why did you reflash the devices? If you are updating from PANS 1.0 to PANS 2.0 they you need to reflash them all manually as they are not compatible at UWB.


That was a clusterpluck of issues.

We have a housing which houses the power supply and the UWB board and the fuses were too weak and failed and as soon as I changed out the fuses the update went ahead and everything was running again.

I did a PANS update because the tags and anchors were running different versions of it in different rooms and I thought I would update them to the same version but after this incident I just left the other room as it is and it’s working fine.