Firmware R2 Release Date

I’ve made some tests with the MDEK1001 kit for some time by now. The major issues and lack of features that we need are promise to be delivered with the Release 2 of the firmware. I’ve read in a number of posts some release dates (feb-18, april-18, mid-Q2…), but nothing until now. Can Decawave give us an update on the Release 2? We need to decide if we’ll wait for it or work in modifications on the current firmware to fulfill our needs.

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I am in the same situation. Please can someone give us an idea when the Release 2 will be available with the Raspberry Pi bridge capability.

I am also very curious if there is a release date in mind.

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Any updates on Release 2?

The last product update email that was sent out stated MDEK1001 - DWM1001 Release 2 SW would be available by mid-August. Should we still expect an official release before September?


In the July newsletter it was announced that a beta version will be available mid-august.
Apparently they have a lot of challenges to get the radio certifications. On the one hand these delays are very unpleasant, on the other hand a pre-certified module is a HUGE benefit if you want to sell your own DW1001-based products.

We are also waiting impatiently for the R2, especially for evaluation purposes.

Any update about R2 and certification?
I know September was planned, so it would be nice to have at least an update how things are going to make some plans.

I’m waiting release date…

my opinion is that it is too long time delay…
probably they sells exclusivity for this release to a vendor to give competitive advantage vs all others

just a feeling, not sure of course about that

Hi all,

The release is being delayed as we haven’t reach a level of maturity which is acceptable yet.

We looking at solution to simplify and improve the new release making it more reliable to use.

We will update the forum as soon as we have a satisfying solution to offer.

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I don’t want of course to speculate but I just want to highlight that :

  • “release 2” is the main/only “product” in Decawave pipeline
  • close to 1 year delay on a main product pipeline

all must to have an explanation …resource management/commercial/technical issues

I think that soon we will have :
A) new delay announcement or commercial announcement
B) descooping of release contents
C) firing of some employees

A B C can be in OR or in AND


Hi Simog,

We are conscious of the accumulated delay with the release 2 of PANS and we are working hard to get something out as soon as possible. It is a fairly complex software/hardware project and it takes time to reach the level of quality that we aim.

Regarding your assumption, I’d like to clarify one point about Decawave. You may have missed it but our main focus is actually semiconductor design. We are designing/producing the DW1000 chip, a transceiver for UWB, and this is our flagship product. This complex chip has been adopted by a large community we support everyday, in addition to the development of future generation of UWB transceiver.

Don’t get me wrong, DWM1001/PANS is important to us as it opens the technology to a much larger community, but it is far from being our “only” product.
There are many more products in Decawave’s pipeline !

Maybe take a look at our website and it will give you an idea of the possibilities of UWB and DW1000.

Thank you,
Best regards


Any guestimate time line for new release?

Dear Yves
I know Decawave site and I know thatall products available are based on same IC
in that meaning I said “only” one product line