FiRa applications on DWM3001C


I have several DWM3001CDK dev boards and would like to use the FiRa ranging library in my application. I have some questions:

  1. Can I send custom UWB messages while the FiRa ranging task is active?
  2. Can I receive/listen to UWB messages (i.e. receive the raw data) while the FiRa ranging task is active?
  3. How can I put a FiRa responder into low power mode (i.e. a tag device operating from a cell battery) but still wake up and respond when required?
  4. Does the FiRa task work with multiple initiators and responders? (sorry I dont have access to the FiRa standard so Iā€™m not familiar with how the FiRa devices share air time)
  5. Is the source code for the uwbstack and FiRa library available?


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