Filter with UWB

I am using DWM1000 in my system, I am looking for a filter to filter out noise and smooth the path. Since I do not design any sensor on the Tag, only the coordinates to put into the filter and the sampling frequency is 5 Hz. Is there a filter I can use?

So your question doesn’t have anything to do with UWB itself and is asking for a way to filter out noise from a black box position source?

Any other data available like an IMU?

The simple solution would be a low pass filter, probably a butterworth or something with a similar response.This will cost you dynamic response and add delay to the output.but does a good job of smoothing the output. Google will give you lots of examples of code and resources to calculate parameters for your exact requirements.

If you can come up with a good statistical model for the noise then a kalman filter is another option. This will give you a better dynamic response but you need to know the position error distribution for it to work well.

Either way log the raw unfiltered positions and try different filters offline first. It’s a lot quicker and lets you do an accurate comparison between two different options.