File Extensions used by QSPICE

Is there a list of file extensions that QSPICE will use and generate while running? This would be useful for keeping tabs on what goes where.

Why you need “keeping tabs on what goes where”? :thinking:

Its useful to know because if its anything like LTspice (where you could set specific target directories for .RAW and NET files) there is always a possibility of a large file getting orphaned somewhere. If you know the file types you can easily hunt them down if needed.

I see QSPICE has an option to ‘Auto Delete Simulation Files’ but gives no clue as to what they all are and where they live.

These are the file name extensions that are meaningful to QSPICE:

*.qsch : a schematic
*.qsym : a symbol
*.qraw : a waveform data file
*.cir : a netlist
*.v : Verilog source code
*.cpp : C++ source code



That’s great Mike, thanks very much for the info.