Feature Request: Reduce waveform data

Hi Qspice Teams,

Is there any plan to reduce the waveform data?
Perhaps do-able by the following two approach:

  1. only save the waveform as selected by user
  2. increase the measurement waveform sampling interval

My reason for this question is for long simulation total time, the data becomes massive quickly into many GBs easily. And honestly most of the detail or node voltages or trace currents are not necessary for further analysis.


Mike Engelhardt just implemented a feature to limit saved data traces in Dec-30 build, which allows to save only the data of interest.
12/29/2023 Implemented the .save command.

Refer to help in Qspice, section Limit Saved Data Traces(.save) for more detail.



I just checked this after I saw your reply here.

I will use this for my next design

Thanks @KSKelvin @Engelhardt


I haven’t checked out the new build from Mike yet with the .save option.

However, I solved my data logging issue using my custom C-block component called logger.


Hi Len,

I have took idea from your logger, and directly implement the logger function in my Cblock,
*just simple #include <stdio.h> fopen, fprintf, fclose to store the log into .txt file

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Would I assume correctly that if executing QSpice in batch mode with the -r argument set to NUL functionally ignores .save directives?


@KSKelvin ,

Quick test of my question: In a batch with -r set to NUL IGNORES the .save directives.


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