Feature Request List - Context Sensitive text attributes

I see a few requests for a public Features Request List where we can all see if what we would need was already asked for or not. Maybe I missed some answers, but as of today does not look like we can see such list and avoid badgering busy people. And so, here it comes:

I would greatly benefit if I can associate one or more attributes with matching files (or web link, or simple text) located on my disk with a symbol from my own library, then quickly access that information (tutorial, code, explanation, warning, link, PDF) with right mouse button directly from schematic.

As of today I can add an attribute and make it a comment, but it is not context sensitive. The best I can do is to edit that “comment” link, copy the content, open an application, and use it there (open a file or an Internet address). Yes, it works, but requires quite a few extra steps instead of a single mouse click.