Feature request: Add shortcut to place component

Hi @Engelhardt

I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of talk regarding the new workflow that QSPICE implements compared to LTspice and some other simulation softwares. One thing that would really make my workflow (and hopefully to others as well) a lot faster and seamless is if there was a shortcut that invoked a search bar where I can type the name of the component I want and have it show up as a dropdown menu. Something similar to what you have when placing simulation directive when pressing “.” but that would allow to search through the component directory.

That way, if I want to place a component, it’s one keystroke to invoke the search field (should show up where the mouse cursor is) a few characters to narrow the search to the device I want, maybe a few presses on the down-arrow button to select the right option, and finally hitting enter to place the component where the cursor is.

I think that would go hand in hand with your idea of not moving the eyes from the area of interest. What do you think?