Feature Request - Add custom libraries of circuits like LTSPICE

Support .LIB collections of circuits and be able to create symbols for one or more components. It would be great to support say all Infineon OptiMOS devices

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E-mail me the model. I’ll look at it. Address on the Help=>About box.

Is it not possible to create a dedicated directory for custom libraries and symbols, so we can easily find them and reuse them in any schematic? Is this feature on the roadmap? Its rather essential for me.

.libpath has been implemnted for two months, shouldn’t this already resolve this topic?

  • 12/06/2023 Implemented a .libpath command.

I use a windows junction to my library files which are in different locations on the various machines I use. This way I don’t need to modify the path in the schematic, or add .libpath to each and every schematic that uses my libraries:

In this video I show how to create new components and libraries for Qspice. It is really easy.


Thanks Marcos!!

If anybody else is looking for the answer: its in the 11th and 12th minute of Marcos’s video.