Feasibility of UWB for high-precision angular position detection

I am looking into the possibility of using UWB for angular position detection. The idea would be to have a tag on a rotating object and an anchor on a stationary object that would allow the angle between them to be calculated. I am particularly interested in the accuracy, throughput, and latency of UWB for this application, as all of those parameters will need to be good. At minimum, I would need the ability to discern distinct angles down to 1 degree, given a minimum radius of 50cm between tag and anchor, a throughput of 10,000 to 50,000 positions/second, and a latency of a few microseconds. Is this at all feasible with current UWB technology?


Unfortunately our current spec for Angle of Arrive is 3degrees accuracy. The data rate can go up to 54000kbps but latency from application to application stands at 2.2ms.