Feasibility of independent & co-located RTLS


We are exploring the feasibility of using the Decawave DW1000 in a RTLS application that must be able to operate when there are many, independent systems operating in the same area, detecting the same tags. Furthermore these systems would move around relative to each other in a manner that is not predictable.

I read through the application paper APU007: Automotive Keyless Entry Systems that describes an application that I believe would face many of the same challenges with regard to a large number of independent systems that need to co-exist in the same space. However these challenges are not discussed in the paper.

Would it be realistic to try and implement an application where the number of RTLS systems is guaranteed to be large enough that it is inevitable some will have to share the same channel, preamble code and PRF?

Also it seems to me that for several RTLS instances to be capable of detecting the same set of tags, the tags and all the anchors (across all the different RTLS instances) would have to be using the same channel, PRF, data rate and preamble code.

I did run across the following post (thread id 643):

From this it would seem that if the individual RTLS instances were assigned different PAN ID values it would be possible for each to reject messages that are not part of its network.

Any comments or insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.