Fatal error: "PWL REPEAT" without "FOR" when used inside hierarchical schematic but works on parent schematic

I am creating a custom symbol for sine wave PWM generator and is making use of PWL as ramp generator.
“pwl repeat forever” works when simulated in the parent schematic but does not work inside the hierarchical schematic. See image below. Is there anything that I’m missing?

If you believe that your observation is a bug, according to the Qspice help, the recommended approach is to report it to the author. My practice is to thoroughly explain the bug, making it easy and clear to understand, and attaching the necessary files (e.g., .qsch) to facilitate bug replication. This method typically leads to faster resolution and a potential fix.

The forum seems to serve more as a platform for users to share ideas and experiences. Occasionally, we may see replies from Mike in the forum, but there is no guarantee of a response. Certainly, this is solely based on my personal experience as an active community member over the past few months.

Hi, thanks a lot for the response. I already sent Mike an email and hopefully he can take a look at it since I believe that this is a bug.