Fatal error: Could not open file "standard.dio"

I got a subcircuit file that seems to have components from the standard.dio library.

I believe i have properly added the spice directive as follows on the top level currently. Ultimately i am hoping to add it to the custom symbol.

.lib C:\Users\ravim\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\cmp\standard.dio

I currently get the error:

Fatal error: Could not open file “standard.dio”

I have looked at some ltspice blogs about a potential corrupted .dio file. I have updated my ltpice libraries and still get the same error.

I made some progress on my own issue. It appears that I can eliminate the error if I place the standard.dio file in the same folder as the top level schematic location. I would prefer it if possible to include the necessary files in the custom subcircuit symbol. Are there alternative ways to include dependent .libs that make more sense in the case I want to keep building a central library.