False preamble detection (SYS_STATUS - RXPREJ)

I’m starting my own code from zero using an esp32 in c++

The problem I am now facing is the receiver shutting down before receiving any data.
To be more specific, the receiver stop trying to find a preamble because he thinks he found one but it wasn’t a real message. My problem is really similar to this topic here: SFD timeout errors - #4 by carlos1.
The thing that is different is that not only does I detect a false preamble, but it would seem I am also detecting a false SFD. When looking at the SYS_STATUS, I get something like this 0x0200841302 The preamble and SFD detected bit on and then the RXPHE is on. Also, the RXPREJ is on too.

I would like to confirm that my problem is the same as in the other topic and also, I would like some help to find a fix, wich asn’t been done in this other topic.

Right now I am only activating the Receiver so the air should be silent and checking the SYS_STATE every 10ms to know how long until the receiver stop.

Here is a table of the register and the information I put in, don’t look at the Tx value, it is not updated

I didn’t include my exact code because theres a lot an it’s complicated but just ask and I will put it, I’m pretty confident I didn’t made a mistake in my present code and think it migth be something I don’t do that I should.

I also have a second problem with this, after about 10 to 20 try of RXENABLE to see how long before I detect a false preamble, my SYS_STATUS show me that I have received a complet message (Even if the air is still silent) and I cannot re-enable the receiver until a reset of the Dwm1000.
I really need help fixing those problem, I don’t have enough pin on my esp32 left to reset the Dwm1000 when it bug.

Thanks for all the help you will be able to give me.