Failed building wheel for bflb-iot-tool

I’m using QMatter SDK branch v1.0.1 and getting the following error when running source scripts/ for the first time. My build machine is Ubuntu LTS 22.04 LTS.

Building wheel for bflb-iot-tool ( started
  error: subprocess-exited-with-error
  × python bdist_wheel did not run successfully.
  │ exit code: -11
  ╰─> See above for output.
  note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
  Building wheel for bflb-iot-tool ( finished with status 'error'
  ERROR: Failed building wheel for bflb-iot-tool
  Running clean for bflb-iot-tool

Please find full log attached.
Initial_activate.log (366.7 KB)

I don’t see any impact from this when building so not sure how important it is.

Hi Akash, do you start with a clean Ubuntu? If not, it would be good to try with a clean one to see if it still exists.

Hi Terence,

This was already in a new directory. I am just asking if this error is important because it appears that I can still build projects as expected.

Can you try on your end?

Hi Akash,

We cannot duplicate your issue in our side.
Do you run source scripts/ at QMatter/Components/ThirdParty/Matter/repo?
The correct procedure is:
After you cloned the QMatter, run source Scripts/ in QMatter