EXTON pin detailed behavior

I have a question about DW1000 EXTON pin behavior. Perhaps someone here has worked with EXTON and knows how it should work.
There is a timing diagram in the DW100 Datasheet about EXTON behavior in boot, but waking up from sleep is somewhat unclear.

DW1000 Datasheet (v2.19) Table 23 says about DEEPSLEEP:
“This state requires an external pin to be driven (can be SPICSn held low or WAKEUP held high) for a minimum of 500 µs to indicate a wake up condition. Once the device has detected the wake up condition, the EXTON pin will be asserted and internal reference oscillator (38.4 MHz) is enabled.”

I think that the text above clearly says that EXTON is asserted only after the wake up condition is detected which means after 500us of SPICSn has been held low. But we are observing that EXTON is asserted immediately after SPICSn is set low when DW1000 is in deep sleep.
See example picture below. In the picture SPICSn is asserted briefly (<10us), but EXTON seems to follow without any delay.

Is this expected EXTON behavior or is this something we should worry about as a problem in our HW design?
The impact to our design is that shorter SPICSn low periods will, unintendedly, at least partially power on whatever external devices EXTON is controlling. Whether that is causing problems is still unclear, but understanding EXTON better would be very useful.