External UWB antenna vs ceramic UWB antenna


Have anybody done a comparison of the effective RF range when using ceramic antenna (e.g. the one from DWM1000) and when using external UWB elliptical antenna printed on FR-4 with SMA connector?

Does external antenna give any significant boost in range? Thank you.

Hi Michael,
The FR-4 Antenna, Which antenna are you referring to?

The WB002, the so called Fr-4 MAN antenna we supply with the TREK1000 and EVK1000 would have a slight better gain ( on the Azimuth) then the ceramic antenna like we have on the DWM1000. The MAN antenna is also bigger.
teh 2 antennae specs attached.

WB002_Antenna.pdf (50.6 KB)
DWM1000 Chip antenna.pdf (413.3 KB)

Thank you for information. Do you have also datasheet of the antenna used in DWM1001 module?

Does the size of antenna impact its receiving performance according to your tests? Theoretically it may be true because of bigger physical aperture. What do you think ?

Thank you.

@DecaLeo Also another question, can you share some datasheet with performance data of WB003 antenna?