External Antenna Cable Length

Hello, if I was to use a 3m long external antenna cable, what sort of issues or challenges would I have outside of signal loss?

Your antenna delay numbers will change and need to be re-calibrated. Details like the tightness of the connectors can have a small impact on the ranges.

Also despite using reasonably quality cable we got some very weird effects if there were any sharpish bends (I’m talking 5 cm radius) in the cable. I think the bend was opening up the braid of the shield and a small amount of signal leaked through. Whatever the cause with a bend in the cable at short ranges the measured distance would suddenly drop by roughly the length of the cable from the bend to the antenna after allowing for the signal propagation speed in the cable.
We wrapped the whole thing in a few layers of foil and the issue went away.
You don’t want to know how long that took to figure out

3m sounds crazy!, have you already test it?