External Accelerometer/ Peripherals

If am trying to Interface an external Accelerometer/Any other Peripheral(Such as Wifi Module) with the Nordic MCU(in DWM1001), will I be able to utilize PANS ? or should I build a new custom firmware from scratch ?

Hi @Abishek
yes PANS can be used with some external sensors. Which kind of bus do you want to use?

Cheers JK

Can I use i2c sensor?
E.g. MPU-6050 ?

I can’t read internal accelerometer (LIS2dh12) with my dwm-simple project…
I don’t know how to access and get the value of 3-axis value.
Can you help me?

Hi @el_0813
it should be doable. But you need to disable stationary mode detection so the I2C bus will not be handled internally by the PANS stack.


I had set stationary detection to fasle.
But when I initialize the TWI, it just reset and reset my dwm

void vTWI_Init (void)
    // Set TWI bus to LIS2DH12 (accelerometer) to maximum supported
    // bus speed with highest priority (for single threaded operation).
    const nrf_drv_twi_config_t twi_config = {
        .scl                = 28,
        .sda                = 29,
        .frequency          = NRF_TWI_FREQ_400K,
        .interrupt_priority = APP_IRQ_PRIORITY_HIGH,

    twi_err_code = nrf_drv_twi_init(&m_twi, &twi_config, vEventHandler, NULL);


I don’t know why …

Hi @el_0813
for the I2C you need to use PANS API functions - see the DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf in the MDEK documentation - chapters 5.3.41 dwm_i2c_read and 5.3.42 dwm_i2c_write .


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