Exporting data in .txt format?


How to export in .txt format? I see only CSV format, but there is a possibility to export directly in .txt format?

The idea is that if I want to export large data points from the graph then either will take a long time or the exporting will stuck/block…

Untitled4.qsch (2.3 KB)


Maybe a method through which user to be able to export the graphs directly as a file (cvs/txt) but without going File → Export Data, and above that we need to make twice Export Data…

And I saw another thing…: when I added maxstep size, then the simulation time is stuck at first step, the simulation time is going on unexpected high/much

Still running:


If you save in CSV format, the file is text. Ie: val0,val1,val2,…valx

It might have the .csv extension which can be changed to .txt if you wish.


Your first step Freq = 1e-3, and you are running .tran to 10000s with maximum 100ns per step.
I don’t know how long this simulation is required, as you are talking about at least simulate 10000s/100ns = 1e11 points of data.


In spice, to get rid of GUI, you should consider batch mode.