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Is it possible to somehow export the data from the .step analysis in the format of columns x, y1, y2, y3,…,yn instead of two columns x, y1 and then several rows x, y2, etc.? For the data to be used in plotting software at a later stage, the format currently produced is not ideal.


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Have to consider the fact that, there is no guarantee each .step has identical data length. Here is an example. You considered “x” always same in each .step but it normally not the case.


You may find this Python module handy to convert QSPICE output into your favorite format.
It can load QSPICE “.qraw” file contents with a “STEP” index number.

If you like it, you can generate plots in the same Python code, after arranging your data.


Certainly, but the number of points can be chosen is Setup Data Export. If I plan to conduct a Monte Carlo analysis with 500 runs, this feature is critical.

Alternatively, it is handy to specify the step size as, e.g., Custom WaveView from Synopsys has. When exporting a PWM signal from a delta-sigma modulator for further evaluation, this is very useful; a value in each period of the sampling signal can be taken.

Thank you. I will take a look.


There is a manual method for that, you need to add data@1, data@2, data@3.... depends on how many .step you have, and data is interpolate based default on x-axis variable.

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