Example schematic will not run in my schematic

The sample schematic - Sexamplei[1] - runs in its own schematic. But when I create the exact same schematic in a new window, it won’t run. It gives the following messages:

Fatal error: Unknown device type: ‘P’

The problem occured while parsing the line:
PULSE -1 1 0 .5M .5M 0 1M

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?



Attach your .qsch file to this thread.

That way we can try to reproduce your results.


I am a new user and not allowed to upload


Let me try this:


No issue with your PULSE statement.


I forget, does a new user allow screen capture?
In Qspice, Press spacebar in your schematic to zoom fit, right click “Copy Bitmap to Clipboard”
Goto this forum and in your message box, press Ctrl-V to paste this bitmap

Or, share your netlist.
In Qspice, View > Netlist. In netlist window, right click > select all, right click > copy
In forum message box, enter a new line, press Ctrl-E for preformatted text, and paste your netlist in “type or paste code here”. Don’t just paste the text without preformatted text, this forum can auto change format of some expression. Use preformatted text for netlist is the safer way to share netlist text.

Or do both if it is possible. If you share your netlist, we can copy your netlist and directly run and troubleshoot that.

It needs to be the attribute of a voltage or current source, not just text put on the schematic.


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Gentlemen, I have decided that QSPICE is too complicated for my basic skill. I will use MultiSim. But I really appreciate all of you who were so quick to help. I hope the MultiSim forum will be as good!

Many thanks,

I have an entry user guide which you can download from this Github : Qspice - Entry User Guide.pdf
Qspice/Guideline at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

By the way, you may not aware but Mike Engelhardt is the author of Qspice (and author of LTspice), and he just gave you a reply to help. :rofl:
Soon you should able to upload your schematic in forum and thing will become better.
Or you can post a screen capture of your Multisim circuit and to see if can give you an equivalent Qspice conversion for you to start with.

Official video tutorial by Mike can be found in
QSPICE™ Simulator - Qorvo

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On the website kazus.Ru I created a topic “Multisim and LTspice and others. Comparison.” Where the inferiority of Multisim is shown many times. 553 messages. The only advantage is that it is easy to digest. Just the thing for undeveloped students.