I have several EVK1000 (DW1000 Evaluation Kit), but can’t manage using “tracking use case”. I think the problem is that software version (displayed when starting up) is Decavawe 3.05 instead of TREK.
Could you confirm that and guide me on how to change the software ?



[align=justify]Hi Hamza

Correct. 3.05 is EVK1000 Software, while you require TREK SW 2.10 or higher to change them into TREK1000. Eg , today we have TREK 2.25 Software which is freely available from our website https://www.decawave.com/software-download.[/align]
[align=justify]Please download the TREK package[/align]

[align=justify]In addition the TREK expansion document attached describes what is required and to be done to update EVBs[/align]

[align=justify]/Leo [/align]

thank you for your answer.
Do i need the “ST-Link/V2 JTAG Programmer” to reprogram the Firmware?


YEP, This one:


Thanks again. I got it actually. However, can’t find DecaRangeRTLS_ARMrevx.yz.bin anywhere like explained the pdf file. Where can I get it ? Sorry if I seem lost…