EVK1000 USB-SPI from Mac (via Python). Anyone gotten this to work yet?

I’ve been trying to get USB-to-SPI communication to work on the EVK1000 from a Mac from Python. Since spidev is only exists for Linux, I first tried using PySerial to directly communicate with the mounted EVK1000 as a serial device (The EVK1000 mounts at /dev/tty.usbmodem146111 on a Mac). I tried simply passing the strings I saw in enableClock() into the serial port, but never got any data back. I concluded that the considerable low-level work that spidev was doing inside xfer() to prepare and manage strings was critical to the SPI interaction. So I switched gears and tried to adapt and build spidev for the Mac. I got it to build without too much trouble and imported the produced module into Python, but that doesn’t work either. It locks up when it tries to open a file pointer to the corresponding /dev/ path (The call to open() inside SpiDev_open() literally never returns, no error, it just blocks).

I’m quickly running out of ideas here.

Is there any hope of interfacing with the EVK1000’s USB-to-SPI pass-through option from a Mac?


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Was there ever a solution/more to know to this?