Evk1000 - Stm32f407

Hi all,

I am figuring out how to set correct Spi communication between Evk1000 kit and Stm32f407. I am confused about one thing, when I try to communicate with Dw1000, do I have to disable on board arm processor to communicate directly with Dw1000? or do I have to enable on board arm processor for communication with my master Stm32f407?

Sorry for bad English and thank you in advance.

Please consult the EVK1000 user manual chapter 4 attached.

Thanks for reply, Leo. I have read that and here is what I understood:
1- I need to write master code for my external Stm32f407.
2- Configure switch S1.1 on and S1.3 off. Therefore on board Arm processor will be usb slave to convert commands for Dw1000.

I am confused on that when I wsend command to the Evk1000 and then on board Arm processor get that, after that on board Arm deliver my command to Dw1000, right? Therefore, I am supposed to configure on board Arm as slave and master also. This is the case, I am confused.


If you want to control the DW1000 (on EVB1000) directly from another MCU, please use J6, and also switch S2 switches to off. You can also disable the STM on EVB with S1-1. Please see EVB schematic about J6 pinout.



Thanks for the info, I have read and seen this configuration before. I am just confused to create algorithm.

Many thanks to you.


What algorithm?

Please look at the SPI functions in deca_device.c and deca_spi.c. You should just do the same on you micro.

Okay, I will try in that way.


Hi again,

I have tried to use pre-built functions in libraries you mentioned. However, I could not get anything from Evb kit. My purpose is to send address of device id from Stm32f407 and then receiving that by onboard Arm processor and read that address from DW1000 by using functions of library. I would like to add my codes but I worked little bit untidy. I just used writetoSpi func from Stm32f407 and readfromSpi from onboard Arm processor. I set 407 as a master and onboard Arm as a slave first then master for Dw1000 communication.