EVK1000 one of the board init error and LED 5,6,7,8 always on


I have used the EVK evaluation kit for two weeks, and everything works fine until this morning. One of the board keeps showing me init fail error on LCD, and the external API control “DecaRanging” also dese not work for that board anymore. I have tried all possible ways like reset switches, reset buttons. And LED 5,6,7,8 always on after I connected it to my computer.
The reset button does not work…
Please help thank you. I really tried all possible solutions, but still does not work
Haowen Wei John

As you mentioned that you are using EVK kit, then you should have at least x2 boards. please check another EVK board using defualt binary image, test with DecaRanging PC utility, to see the issue from EVK or code you build ?