EVK1000 Building Code

A have two evk 1000 boards one of the boards does not do two way ranging and instead it displays ntx-data with a number that gradually increase I was wondering if there was a way to build the two way ranging code back into this evk 1000 board so that both boards can begin two way ranging

WOuld you have programmed one or both boards with own developped Software? If not then it could be a dipswitch setting which is not correct.
Attached the EVK quick start guide. Just double check S1 dipswitches.
EVK1000_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (620.8 KB)

If you need to bring the boards back to the original software, I suggest you download the sw from our website and reprogram the boards.
But first make sure the diswitch settings are correct. More detailed information on the dipswith setting can be found in the EVK1000 user manual.

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