EVK1000 boards multiple-anchor configuration

I have 2 pairs of EVK1000 evaluation boards. I wanted to know if it’s possible to configure these boards as 3 anchors and 1 tag for example, for the purpose of tracking (similar to the TREK1000 product). I’ve tried to pair a tag with two anchors via the Decaranging software, but only one anchor can pair with the tag after receiving the blinks.
If that can be done, I would be grateful if I get some instructions on how to do that. Do the chip on the EVK1000 boards needs to be reprogrammed via the JTAG interface?

In terms of the channel impulse response (CIR), why the CIR always start around the 700-750 samples, irrespective of the distance between the anchor and tag? Is there a way to get the ToF to be displayed in the CIR plot as well for each path in the channel?

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I have the same question as you. Do you solve this issue?

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Why we start around 750 has to do with the research we did in this area and based on the investigation we decided to design the chip algorithm to locate the bulk of the channel between index 728 and 855 of the CIR memory. So the first path tends to end up around 740.

And if one has 2 pairs EVK1000 sets and would like to evaluate Geofencing, Tracking or Locating using the 4 together, all what needs to be done is to purchase a STlink and reprogram the boards with TREK1000 firmware. The TREK firmware can be downloaded from: https://www.decawave.com/software/

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Thank you very much. I saw this description in dw1000 user manual

The DW1000 digital receiver circuitry takes a coarse timestamp of the symbol in which the RMARKER event occurs and adds a various correction factors to give a resultant adjusted time stamp value, which is the time at which the RMARKER arrived at the antenna.

Do I have any way to know how dacawave adjusts the timestamp value? How does the CIR memory work? In addition, my device has a fixed error of 20cm. How can I solve it?

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