[EVB1000] SPI2 and SPI3pinout issue

We have got EVK1000 kit and the DEMO works fine.

we are integrating this EVB1000 board to our task to send the distance information to our NXP controller.

We are facing issue using the SPI communication from EVB1000 kit as SPI1 is already used for DW1000 from STM32, SPI2 for Display and SPI3 pins are shared with JTAG pins and DW_IRQn pin.

So we thought of using SPI3 with alternate function remapping as below,

Issue with this is, PC10, PC11 and PC12 pins are not connected to any points in the board and are left open. So not able to understand the connection of these pins from EVB1000.

So we are not able to find any test points to connect to these pins in the board as it’s complicated.

Can you please help us to find a way to find out these open test points in the board. PC10, CP11 and PC12.

If not pins, it’s also fine if we get the test point for PB14 which is currently used for MISO of LCD. SO, we will disable the LCD and connect out our slave.

Please help. It’s urgent.

Yeh, you could disable the LCD. I know people have done that to get UART communication going.
While others have used PA2 (PA2/USART2_TX/ADC2/TIM2_CH3) for the same reason as above.

Note that no support is given for modifying the board, while any EVB1000 hardware modification will void warranty.

Kind Regards