Hi ,
I am using the EVKIT and i would like to connect a Raspberry Pi directly to the SPI of the DW1000.

i connected the straight forward SPI signals to the Raspberry pi (SDI, SDO, CSn & SCLK) , what should i do with the IRQn & WAKEUP signals ? ( they are disconnected from J6 …R41, R43)

  1. Do I need to connect the IRQ & WAKEUP to the Raspberry ?
  2. Is there any refernce code for this type of connection ?

Best regards


Hi Dotan,

You have to connect the IRQ or Wake-up pin only if you plan to use them in your application. For pure SPI communication they are not necessary.

We don’t have an example specifically for the interface with a raspberry pie, but we have spi connection in all your products so if you look at some over codes, you can see how we do it and it should give you a good idea.