EVB1000 just literally stopped working

My evb1000 board just stopped working. I’ve been programming it via ST Link V2 programmer/debugger and accidently stopped its compiling process an hour ago. Now it only turns its LED0 red on and does nothing when I push the reset button. It is also not recognized by the computer at all. Could there be any solution? Or is it already done for?

What SW is it you try to load?
Maybe temporarily back to either TREK or EVK software.


Just one of the ranging examples using Contiki OS. https://github.com/d3s-trento/contiki-uwb

I have compiled several times before so I don’t think it is back to the EVK software it originally had.

The reset button does not work and there is no connection detected when I connect the board to my PC. No device found in the Device Manager. I tried the DecaRanging App also but it doesn’t work of course.

Hi Again

I suggest you load the .bin for TREK or EVK anyway to be sure.
I’m not sure what the code you refer to does and so maybe you should use our two way ranging example code 5a/5b or 6a/6b ,

Basically, I do not think its a hardware issue


I just loaded the .bin for TREK using ST-LINK Utility and it works well! Thanks for your help!!